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Itzik Goliger Jerusalem plumber, heating services and renovations services


I'm installing, repairing and giving servicing for:

Heating, combi boilers,hot Water Boilers heaters on gas or diesel. 

Junkers, Ferroly, Baxi, Demrad,Volcano, Sime, Berreta, Daesung Celtic, Vaillant, Bosch, De Dietrich and more..

If you are here, you are probably looking for a Water heater technician (Junkers technician) in or around Jerusalem.

If you are looking for heating technician, plumbing services or renovating your home or part of it, you need professional who can give you the best solutions to the problem, your plumber should be reliable and honest, and when the work finished you should be smiling.

I worked in pluming, heating and renovations for over 30 years ,providing excellent service to more than 2,000 satisfied customers.


My clients are included well-known public figures, as well as small businessmen and first time homeowners.

Me and my son Dovev will be happy to give you personal honest service at fair price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at phone


We are available 6 days a week and on Saturday nights, you can call at the following hours:

Sunday-Thursday between 07:30-22:00

Friday from 7:30-14:00

Shabbat, an hour after the end of shabbat until 22:00

Service delivery areas: Jerusalem , Ma'aleh Adumim, Mevasseret  Zion,Modi'in and in special cases we will also come as far as Tel Aviv.

Our specialties:


  • Opening blockages with electrical equipment

  • Locating water leaks with a thermal camera and extensive experience

  • Solving water and sewage leaks problem

  • Repair / Installation of solar water systems for hot water: storage tank, solar thermal collector, electric booster (electric heating element)

  • Taps installation/ replacement

  • Flushing tank installation/ replacement

  • Toilet liquidity repair

  • Liquidity repair

  • Water leak detection

  • Water leak repair

  • Water pressure problems repair   

  • Water pipes repair and replacement

  • Sewer lines replacement


Heating on GAS:

  • Gas water boiler heater repair

  • Gas water boiler heater installation

  • Tankless water heating

  • Water heater repair

Heating on Diesel:

  • Diesel water heating stove repair for heating

  • Diesel water heating stove maintenance for heating

  • Diesel water heating stove installation



  • General renovations

  • Bathrooms renovation

  • Kitchen renovation

  • Balconies renovation

  • balconies sealing


Itzik Goliger Over 30 years of experience!


Dovev (Itzik's son)
over 7 years of experience!

Call now: 052-3356360

Recommendations on us from our customers

Author: Paula Leven "Very professional work" 

"Itzik and Dovev were wonderful! They came right away and assessed the problem in the old Junkers. Turns out it was a lot less complicated -- and expensive -- than a previous estimate! They fixed the problem right away and did a beautiful job. They were very easy to work with and very friendly (even put up with my dogs). I recommend them very highly."



Author: Steven Zerobnick "Professional, pleasant and responsible"

"Itzik and his son came on a Friday to fix a broken toilet. They did a thorough job, despite the fact that the kits for the new flushing mechanism was missing a part they opened a second kid and even had to adjust a part to do the job. They were extremely pleasant. When we later had a problem with the toilet they came immediately and fixed the problem, taking full responsibility."


Author: Edna Pollak "If you need anything around the home"

"Iitzik Goliger has done for me various jobs for over 20 years. I call him whether I need small electricity or plumbing job, or a wider renovation job. His middle name is reliability, in all respects. You can be sure that he is using the materials he says he uses, he will not leave until the job is completely done, and is absolutely honest (I give him my key to come and go when it is convenient for him).I recommend him whole-heartedly."


Author: Menachem Fishbein

"Itzik has been working for us for well over 20 years, and we have consistently found his work satisfactory. He is also reliable to follow up on his work to make sure things are as they should be. 

Heartily recommend. "



Author: Batya P: "Recommended!"

"I know Goliger for more than 25 years. He performed many plumbing repairs in our apartment, always with reliability and creativity in complicated situations. Lately he is joined with his son and both of them continue with highly professional work."


Author: Simon Berkowitz


" Mr. Goliger has been my preferred plumber and plumbing advisor for 12 years. It is rare, from my experience in Jerusalem, to come across such a reliable, honest and expert professional. The quality of his work reflects his considerable experience. His prices are very fair but don't call him if you want a bargain deal. He does not need supervision and I can give him a key to do his work while I am away...which means not losing a work day. He is also the person we use for our Vad Bayit (House Committee) for maintaining the fuel heating system and other building plumbing repairs."


Author:Alberto Barchilon " Excellent job done by Itsik Goliger"

"Itsik and his son Dovev worked at my home fixing a humidity problem that created pealing on the walls.

The job was done perfectly and in short time.

Itsik and his son are very nice people to work with and they promised and finished on schedule.

They also fixed a liking toilet and did it in a professional way.

I gave them from the first day,without knowing them, a key of the house and everything was all right.

I recommend them to work in any of their specialties."


Author: Gad y. "Very professional"

"I know Itsik for quite a few years. He is always very precise. He works with a lot of confidence and perform the job in a very professional way. 
He has a broad knowledge in all aspects of Installation, Water Heating, Central and Gas Furnaces, and general renovation and building.
He is a very pleasant person, and his prices are always reasonable."

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