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Itzik Goliger Jerusalem plumber, heating and renovations services

:About Me

I was born in Poland in the '50s. When I was one year old I made "Aliya" to Israel. When we arrived my family and I lived for several years in Har Tov's, then moved to Jerusalem.

At the age of 16, I started working as a construction worker. I picked up blocks, carried sacks of sand, gravel and cement, and worked very hard. In this way I built the strong foundations that I have with understanding buildings.    


Before and after my combat soldier military service I worked for several years with Moshe Zeiger, one of the oldest professional plumber in Jerusalem, and learned the job perfectly.


So today I consider myself as a professional plumber of the first class!

Dovev, my son, works with me - he He is a thorough guy who does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves and work hard-I'm proud of him!

Dovev successfully completed study courses where he learned plumbing from the engineering and the theoretical side of the work. with me, he is learning the practical side of the field.

I am married to a lovely woman named Rachel and we have three children, whom I really love.

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